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We are what we do

A ”boutique” advertising agency, mainly focused on Xperiental marketing activities. 

Xcubed is a 24/7 personal marketing assistant to any manager!

We bring integrated solutions to the market by providing an end to end service to our Clients. We manage this by designing marketing activities that are directly linked to brand’s strategies, leveraging our network within the industry and having always in mind the big picture view of any initiative.

Our main fields of activity are:

Brand Activation | Sports Marketing | Sponsorship Programs | Event Engineering | Interactive Solutions | Guerilla Marketing Activities | Brand Development | Social Engagement | Creating Content

Playing with the winners

We are proud of our entrepreneurial and innovative history, highlighted by the establishment of our strategic partnership with the most rewarded activation agency within WPP, the world’s leading advertising and marketing services group.

PRISM has been at the vanguard of all the major international sporting events, including the Formula One World Championship, the Super Bowl, the Champions League Final, Wimbledon, the NBA, Championship Golf, National and International Motorsport, Major League Baseball and the Olympics. As the most rewarded activation agency within WPP, has received acclaim from prestigious industry awards.

PRISM is committed to building effective and cooperative relationships by delivering industry-leading sponsorship insight, valued communications strategies, consumer engaging content generation as well as innovative digital and social media campaigns, all reinforced with our trademark flawless execution.

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Our Specialism

We Conceive, Design, Execute!

And we have the skills to do this in the most effective way.

As Plato said: “Nothing could be more important than that the work of a soldier is well done. No tools will make a man a skilled workman, or master of defense, or be of any use to him who has not learned how to handle them and has never bestowed any attention on them.”


Bright Ideas

Every customer is unique! In every project we undertake, we put our creativity to work in order to create concepts that will make your brand stand out!


Our long-lasting experience has led to a vast network, that can support us in successfully implementing strategies and maximising the results on any initiative.


We believe that technology can upscale the results of marketing activities, so we put it to work in the most efficient way!

Integrated Services

Our campaigns are versatile and include a wide variety of activities that can lead to success! Our team consists of people that can provide a range of valuable marketing services, with you having to deal with a single trusted partner.


Our executives are highly expertised and experienced in their field of work. Our people are just professional enough to handle every case in the required way and apply the variable promotional mechanisms.

Customer Centric

Your target customer is the determinant factor that shapes our ideas and activities! We always invest in understanding your market and getting the message accross, in the most effective way for that!

Contact Us

If we managed to challenge your mind and inspire your imagination, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to start working on an amazing, new project with you and… CREATE AWESOMENESS!